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Empower your team to create an authentic & positive work environment that inspires change.


Engaging & interactive keynotes that inspire action

 If you are looking for a positive & inspiring way to elevate your team, provide learning opportunities & create a human-focused corporate culture that drives lasting & sustainable results - Nadia offers tailored experiences designed to meet your specific needs & goals. We facilitate both in-person and virtual events, working closely with you to ensure a successful outcome.

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Eager to elevate your team members in a way that keeps them engaged + motivated? 

Discover how everyone can master the power of empathy to lead with impact & create a more positive corporate culture that inspires change & mobilizes your entire team towards the greater vision of the organization in an organic way. 


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Leading With Empathy: Elevate Your Life, Leadership, & Results


Corporate culture

Fostering an Authentic & Positive Culture That Inspires Change



Elevate Your Life Through a Unique Empathy Learning Journey

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Based in Montreal, Nadia
inspires others to move forward in this evolving world in a kind way. 

Nadia teaches her empathetic philosophy experience at the college level, has lectured around the world, & uses this unique perspective as the foundation for Lussona Agency. People strive to feel special; Nadia is the leading expert on how to deliver what everyone is after
- an unforgettable experience.

LOVES: connecting with strangers, helping others succeed, being a multi-passionate entrepreneur

what people are saying

“​​Nadia's remarkable energy, passion, & rapport with the audience left a lasting impression.”

- Vigor Enterprise

Nadia delivered her presentation on empathy & mattering with a sense of humour & brought tangible, real-world solutions in an organic way. As a result, our attendees departed feeling energized & confident about implementing the LUSSO approach into their mindset.

what people are saying

general manager ritz carlton

“Nadia's insights & holistic view, has greatly impacted my executive team.”

- Arjun Channa

Nadia’s ability to communicate the powers of empathy & her ability to show how to foster an empathy mindset is truly unique & inspiring. Nadia's coaching contributed to a 30-point increase in employee satisfaction & tangible personal transformations

what people are saying

general manager ritz carlton

“I highly recommend Nadia's services to anyone seeking to enhance organizational culture and morale through impactful training and coaching.”

- Arjun Channa


How Empathy Can Elevate the Customer Experience

Nadia joins Anita Novak on the Purposeful Empathy podcast sharing how her LUSSO approach helps organizations deliver more empathetic experiences.  


featured episodes:

Real Talk: How To Stand Up For What You Believe In

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