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As a leader, it can be challenging to foster a positive work environment, boost employee morale, & achieve your goals during periods of change without feeling overwhelmed or even burnt out. 

That is why the LUSSO Approach is the only one that teaches you how to master the power of empathy. By creating genuine relationships, you will reach & surpass your goals with confidence & become an inspiring & impactful leader while living a balanced + meaningful life.

the results:


Cultivate genuine + meaningful relationships based on trust


Create a culture of understanding & boost team morale + motivation 


Leave a positive, lasting impression on your team + organization

By mastering the power of empathy, you will: 


Reach & surpass your personal + professional goals with confidence

Mastering the power of empathy is what will separate you from the competition & lead you to a more successful + meaningful life!

Mastering empathy
is what will separate you
from the competition and help you lead a more
successful + meaningful life!


Build a balanced +
meaningful life

Ways to Work Together


Unleash the power within you through curated + practical trainings


Create a genuine + positive corporate culture that inspires change 


Elevate your life + success through a unique empathy learning journey

How to become a master: 

The WORLD is constantly CHANGing. are you ready?

unleash THAT power in you

We all have that power within us. 
Start leading with purpose NOW & go from empathy to GLORY!

hello there.

I’m nadia, 
your empathy 

I’m nadia, 
your empathy 

I am here to guide you on a brighter path!

We all crave to feel seen, heard, & feel like we are part of something greater. But I always wondered, “Why aren’t more leaders demonstrating empathy in the workplace to create the sense of mattering we all seek?” That is why I designed the LUSSO Approach, to teach professionals, just like you, how to master this amazing power & how this “not-so-soft” skill can significantly elevate your success + impact.   

Corporate workshop client

“​​ Nadia's coaching & method contributed to a 30-point increase in employee satisfaction & tangible personal transformations”

- Arjun Channa

General Manager Ritz Carlton

corporate workshop client

General Manager Ritz Carlton

“Nadia's insights & holistic view, has greatly impacted my executive team, offering practical solutions to daily challenges. Her instilling this new mindset has left a long-lasting impact.

- Arjun Channa

corporate workshop client

General Manager Ritz Carlton

“I highly recommend Nadia's services to anyone seeking to enhance organizational culture and morale through impactful training and coaching.”

- Arjun Channa



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