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Lussona Agency is a boutique consulting firm dreamt, founded, & designed by a passionate hospitality professional.

Hospitality & empathy comes naturally to me. Born & raised in a small-town restaurant by the most hospitable & gracious mother, Rosa, I learned very early on what it takes to create personalized service that exceed customers’ expectations. Constantly trying to understand the “why” behind people’s behaviours, I studied psychology to quench my curiosity. Soon after graduation, I worked in mental health where I gained better insight into reading & understanding individuals & quickly discovered that the heart of any human connection is empathy.

Constantly trying to understand the “why” behind people’s behaviours,
I studied psychology to quench my thirst for curiosity.

My innate desire to apply the platinum rule led my career to take a natural turn towards the hospitality industry. Then working for some of the world’s most luxurious hotels & brands, I realized that many organizations fail to treat their customers as unique individuals.

lightbulbs go off when i am:

Connecting new dots, halfway through a long swim, mentoring students on creative projects.

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Hi,  I’m Nadia.

With my background in psychology in one hand & my deeply rooted desire to offer my guests what they truly desire in the other, I made it my mission to coach professionals on how to put themselves in others’ shoes to implement a culture of empathy, lead with purpose & deliver experiences that leave their valued customers in awe each time. 

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Based in Montreal, Nadia
inspires others to move forward in this evolving world in a kind way. 

Nadia teaches her empathetic philosophy of customer experience at the college level, has lectured around the world, & uses this unique perspective as the foundation for Lussona Agency. People strive for great experiences; Nadia is the leading expert on how to deliver what everyone is after
- an unforgettable experience.

LOVES: connecting with strangers, helping others succeed, being a multi-passionate entrepreneur


Nadia has shared her wisdom on empathy all around the world. Join the conversation & explore the best ways to place yourself in others' shoes to create a culture of empathy allowing you to lead with purpose, exceed customers’ expectations
& go from empathy to glory!

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Empathy is the foundation of the platinum rule, to treat others as THEY want to be treated. Empathy is how we exchange, relate, & ultimately connect with others. By implementing a culture of empathy, we create a more attractive & gratifying working environment, we lead with purpose, & we better understand what our customers truly desire - leaving them in awe each time. That is why empathy is the game changer for profitability & success.   





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