Join me on my journey, where I will guide you on the best ways to place yourself in someone else’s shoes to elevate your success, & live a more impactful + meaningful life, personally + professionally. 

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Nadia Luna as a baby with her loving Mom.


The best gift I ever received

In an era where everyone collects the latest electronic devices, books prestigious vacations, and indulges in daily lattes or fancy dinners, finding the perfect gift for our loved ones this holiday season can be difficult.

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Are you eager to move forward in this new corporate world in a way that keeps your teams connected, motivated, & inspired? Invite me to your next conference or team training & discover how you can master the power of empathy that will take you & your team on a journey from empathy to glory! 


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hello there.

I’m nadia, 
your empathy 

I’m nadia, 
your empathy 

I am here to guide you on a brighter path!

We all crave to feel seen, heard, & feel like we are part of something greater. But I always wondered, “Why aren’t more leaders demonstrating empathy in the workplace to create the sense of mattering we all seek?” That is why I designed the LUSSO Mindset, to teach professionals, just like you, how to master this amazing power & how this “not-so-soft” skill can significantly elevate your success + impact.   

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Let me guide you to a more authentic, fulfilled + meaningful life & go from empathy to glory!


How Empathy Can Elevate the Customer Experience

Nadia joins Anita Novak on the Purposeful Empathy podcast, sharing how her LUSSO mindset helps organizations deliver more empathetic experiences.  


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Real Talk: How To Stand Up For What You Believe In

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