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Lussona Agency is a boutique consulting firm dreamt, founded, & designed by a passionate hospitality professional.

Hospitality & empathy comes naturally to me. Born & raised in a small-town restaurant by the most hospitable & gracious mother, I learned early on that empathy is the heart of any human connection.

My innate desire to apply the platinum rule led my career to take a natural turn toward the hospitality industry. Then, working for some of the world’s most luxurious hotels & brands, I realized that many organizations fail to treat their customers & employees as unique individuals, ignoring the impact this can have on the success of their business + on people’s lives. 

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Hi,  I’m Nadia.

Mom & Me

We all crave to feel seen & want to be part of something greater. That is why I made it my mission to teach you how creating genuine relationships can inspire change & empower you to elevate your life. 

Ready to live a more successful + meaningful life?


Compelled to make a difference, I seized the opportunity & designed the LUSSO Approach, which teaches how to master the power of empathy + the importance of this “not-so-soft” skill in all aspects of our lives. 

Constantly trying to understand the “why” behind people’s behaviours, I studied psychology & soon after graduation, I worked in mental health, where I discovered that empathy is also vital to living a successful + meaningful life. 

"Everyone craves to feel seen + feel like we are part of something greater...

the founder


Based in Montreal, Nadia
inspires others to move forward in this evolving world in a kind way. 

Nadia teaches her empathetic philosophy experience at the college level, has lectured around the world, & uses this unique perspective as the foundation for Lussona Agency. People strive to feel special; Nadia is the leading expert on how to deliver what everyone is after
- an unforgettable experience.

LOVES: connecting with strangers, helping others succeed, being a multi-passionate entrepreneur

what people are saying

“​​Nadia's mastery in creating a safe space for deep, meaningful conversations has been evident in our exchanges.”

- Coaching Client

As an exceptional listener, she provided valuable insights & practical techniques to overcome challenges. Her intentional listening and inspirational guidance produce tangible results.

what people are saying

“​​Nadia's remarkable energy, passion, & rapport with the audience left a lasting impression.”

- Vigor Enterprise

Nadia delivered her presentation on empathy & mattering with a sense of humour & brought tangible, real-world solutions in an organic way. As a result, our attendees departed feeling energized & confident about implementing the LUSSO approach into their mindset.

what people are saying

general manager ritz carlton

“I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to enhance organizational culture and morale through impactful training and coaching.”

- Arjun Channa

Nadia's coaching led to a 30-point increase in employee satisfaction & tangible personal transformations Nadia's insights & holistic view, has greatly impacted my executive team,

Eager to elevate your team members in a way that keeps them engaged + motivated? 

Discover how everyone can master the power of empathy to lead with impact & create a more positive corporate culture that inspires change & mobilizes your entire team towards the greater vision of the organization in an organic way. 


Why Empathy?

create a culture of empathy

Empathy is the foundation of the platinum rule: treat others as you want to be treated. It is how we exchange, relate, & ultimately authentically connect with others. Empathy ignites a sense of belonging, understanding, & shared emotions, fostering genuine connections & moments of joy that enhance wellbeing + fulfillment.



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